Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a business primarily focused on helping clients with their privacy, we of course ensure the highest levels of privacy for our clients.

We aim to keep the minimum records necessary per Australian law. As such invoices under $1000 can be provided without need to record any details of the client. We accept payment in cash, bank transfer and several cryptocurrencies, including Monero (XMR). We do not accept credit/debt card payments.

We store all data on secure platforms, such as Protonmail, Tresorit and securely encrypted drives.

We recommend you use secure means to contact us, such as Protonmail and Signal, and will never provide any information to any individual or organisation about you unless legally required (see note below). We do not sell your information to anyone.

Important Note:
Please note that our goal is to help at risk and ordinary citizens to protect their privacy and to permit human rights advocates to be free from harassment.

As such, the one exemption to the above privacy policy is regarding serious criminal activity. Do not send us requests to assist or advise on anything related to terrorism, illicit drugs, stalking, harassment, child abuse or other serious crimes – we will report such matters.