Secure Your Devices:

The basic service we offer is helping you migrate your computers and phones away from systems that spy on you, like Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, onto systems that don’t.

This is a simple starting point to greatly improve privacy for any individual, and for someone not actively involved in dealing with confidential data, is typically sufficient for their needs.

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Private Phones
Private Computing

However for people dealing with financial or medical data, or human rights activists and journalists, we can go a lot further and assist you in securing all your devices and your digital life as a whole. This way you can protect your data, but also your contacts, clients, patients, sources and so on.

Personal Consultation:

Do you have a specific situation you need advice for? Are you a business owner concerned about identity theft or fraud? A journalist or activist who has upset the wrong people (also see below), or a victim of abuse? We can advise on ways to improve your security and privacy in just about any situation.

Contact us by email or Signal for a no commitment discussion of your situation and we will provide a quote to assist with your specific needs.
Fees: $140 per hour.

Business Consultation:

Do you have privacy concerns about the data or devices used in your business? Are you unsure if your IT support are doing their job properly to keep you secure? We can do a full remote inspection and review of your IT systems to ensure everything is up to standard. With extensive experience in healthcare, we can also ensure you are ready to meet all IT accreditation requirements.

Contact us for a no commitment video meeting to discuss your concerns.

Fees: $200 per hour.

Special Rates For Good Causes:

Depending on the specific situation, we may choose to reduce fees significantly for good causes. If you are (or plan to be) a whistleblower or are directly involved in human rights activism or journalism in a meaningful way, contact us and we can assist.

Note: All prices are inclusive of GST.

Important Note:
Please note that our goal is to help at risk and ordinary citizens to protect their privacy and to permit human rights advocates to be free from harassment.

As such, the one exemption to the above privacy policy is regarding serious criminal activity. Do not send us requests to assist or advise on anything related to terrorism, illicit drugs, stalking, harassment, child abuse or other serious crimes – we will report such matters.