Private Phones

Private Phones

Within arms reach of you right now (assuming you aren’t using it to view this page itself) is the perfect spying tool. A device with geo-location, a microphone and camera, that goes everywhere you go and you use to communicate to anyone and everyone, about everything.

Mobile phone location services have already been used to track and arrest protesters, who in some cases were likely not violating any laws at all, but were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not to mention that Google and Apple have absolute control over your device, and while they can make all the claims about user privacy they want, the fact is they absolutely do have the capability to spy on you in any way they desire, or are ordered to do.

In my view, when dealing with privacy the question isn’t “Can I trust this person/group not to violate user privacy?” The question is “Does this person/group have the capability of violating user privacy?” If they have the capability, it is best to assume they use it.

Rob Braxman on some of the key privacy risks of typical phones.

Unfortunately if you are using an Apple phone, the only way to secure it, is to get a new phone.

Fortunately though, many Android phones, and all Google Pixel phones, can be upgraded by removing Google services and allowing secure and private use of your device.

If you have a Google Pixel 5/5a and newer, I can assist you in upgrading your device to GrapheneOS over a video conference. For a reasonably tech savvy user, the whole process will only take half an hour and I will not need any access to your system to talk you through the process. For a less tech savvy user, it can take 1-1.5 hours.

GrapheneOS is the top tier Android replacement for Pixel phones, and removes all Google spying features and capabilities, to ensure your phone is actually YOUR phone. Ideal for people living under oppressive regimes like Canada or Australia.

A number of other Android phones can also be upgraded to other alternative systems. Each one is different though and thus will need to be quoted individually. I typically recommend just buying a Pixel phone if you can to take advantage of GrapheneOS itself.

Contact me to schedule a time.

Fees: $70 per 30 minutes. Depending on your tech skills and requirements, this service typically takes from 0.5 – 1.5 hours.